Rugby was born in England in the middle of the nineteenth century.
Legend says,William Webb Ellis, invented rugby taking the ball in his hands during a football game played by local students of Rugby School.
The team is composed of 15 rugbymen.
A game lasts a maximum of eighty minutes plus lost time, overtime and any special conditions.
It is divided into two halves, with a maximum of forty minutes ofplaying time each.
  • Players can not make passes at the hand back. If a player makes a pass to a teammate who is on the ground before him, he commitsan "in-front". The referee and then makes the ball to the opposing team.
    The only way to move the ball forward are:
    1 / run with the oval under the arm
    2 / typing foot.
  • The referee decides that a melee should occur when a small mistake has been committed, for exemple an in-before. Or when the ball is"buried", it is no longer playable.
  • The referee blows a button when the ball or a player crosses the touchline. If a player short on the line, it is considered outside the field.
  • Plating is one of the main defenses. It is to stop the progress of an opponent with the ball by gripping between the ankles and the belt to make him fall.